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208 x 316 cm

"Pandemic Eden (2022)" is a series that encapsulates the global COVID-19 pandemic's impact on humanity through the lens of TZUSOO's unique perspective. The series explores themes of disruption, severance, healing, blood, religion, bandages, the expansion of vaccines through multiple phases (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th), self-harm, scars, and malfunctioning bodies.

The series reflects on how people persevered during the pandemic, their resilience akin to delicate balancing acts on thin needles. Despite penetrating sensitive areas and enduring hardships, they all somehow managed to persevere. The series serves as a reflective memento of the pandemic's end, a massive chapter in the history of COVID-19 and the indelible marks it leaves behind.

"Looking back, we managed to wriggle and move somehow. We teetered precariously on thin needles, allowing sensitive parts to be penetrated, yet everyone somehow managed to squirm and move forward. This is a reflection tinged with a sense of anticipating the end of the pandemic. What significant mark does this vast history of COVID-19 intend to leave behind? By meticulously translating this shocking experience into images, I fulfill my role as an artist."

This statement by TZUSOO reflects the resilient human spirit during the COVID-19 pandemic, capturing the essence of how people persevered, adapted, and continued forward in the face of immense challenges and uncertainties. The series serves as a poignant reflection on this historic period and its lasting impact on society.

Pandemic Eden, 2022, TZUSOO 00.jpg
Pandemic Eden, 2022, TZUSOO 02-3.jpg

SOMA Art Space, Berlin, Germany, 2022




200 x 150 cm each

3 pieces, Giclee prints on Sihi Smooth papers, Douglas Framed, Glasses

Pandemic Eden 1.jpg
Pandemic Eden 2, 2022.jpg
Pandemic Eden 3, 2022.jpg

GMOMA, Gyung-gi Modern Art Museum, South Korea, 2022

GMoMA1, 2022, TZUSOO.jpg

I Feel Uncanny When You Touch Me There



Three-Channel Video Installation with Sound

Sound by Aimy Moon, Team Zero, Chanjae Park

2022-001-02, I Feel Uncanny.png
2022-001-03, I Feel Uncanny.png

It’s about how vulnerable life has been the past 6 months:

1.working as an artist in a virtual world most of the time,

2.psychological servers constantly switching,

3. having uncanny sex.

2022-001-07, I Feel Uncanny (Install).jpg
2022-001-06, I Feel Uncanny (Install) (1).jpg

Wunderkammer, Stuttgart, Germany, 2022

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