100 Sales=1500 Euro Tuition Fee




performance, printed t-shirts, printed shoulder bags, two pages of DIN A4 papers with signatures

Model / Vita Mikju, Dongju Lee, Hwayoung Park


From the winter semester of 2017, all universities in Baden-Württemberg, Germany will collect tuition fees of 1,500 euro per semester for "international students from non-EU countries".

TZUSOO strongly opposes this groundless action. This is a demonstration of visualizing the arts being sold cheaply and studying art again. The prostitution images of my art work <Deep Kiss World(2016,7)> are again prostituted*.




* Prostitution

1. The practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.

2. The unworthy or corrupt use of one's talents for personal or financial gain.


The images of <Deep Kiss World>, which are spread, make a tiny space in the long and brutally fixed sexual objectification.


The  buyers of the art works are called "Sponsors". The sponsors support a extension of art studies of TZUSOO(2017/18 Winter semester) and the elimination of the bill by paying money.


Deep Kiss World




visit cards 85mm x 55mm, stickers 85mm x 85mm


Deep Kiss World(2016/17) deals with street advertising for the prostitution of women in Asia including South Korea. These business cards are marked with eye-catching colours and phrases to draw attention and are placed in the streets. The cards take up these strategies and means to an aim and direct the attention of their viewers to the male model with provocative words. This model stands for a new, changing society in the Asian region, which only slowly or only by oppressing minorities knows how to react.


Sink Tank


Rebecca Ogle, Ivan Syrob, Friedrich Hensen, TZUSOO


installation, performance, bottles filled with water


Working with other students at the academy led us to the point of installing a place where we could talk and discuss about the art business, the Kunstakademie Stuttgart, their teaching and teachers. The change in the metaphor THINKTANK became a SINK TANK(2017) in terms of a critical view of the art world. On the meadow of the sculpture we installed an obliquely sinking tank in the ground, which was used white painted as a symbol between White Cube and Thinktank as a discussion forum and meeting place for all.


water bottles filled with water from the discussion pool