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interactive installation

To my 1,600 of Masochists

A novel is hung on the wall when you get inside The MASOBOX. During reading it, the printer gives another text to you. Amazingly, the text is about you, who is sitting in the box. The MASOBOX calls your name, may worry you who wear a light suit in winter, or talks about sex, mentioning your hair style in detail.

Abuse and Violence.

The truth of The MASOBOX, which makes you inspired, curious, scared sometimes and smile, is ‘abuse’ and ‘violence’. I spit out words I can not say when I face you, securing character’s of Museum aid. Do you know about silent contract of us, even as you set on foot in museum? We, you and I, promise to melt any accept barrier. I decided to abuse the privilege, which is the moment when human becomes most generous to me.


You are exposed to violence since you were born, hit by society and deleted a will which resists lashes. It is hard to realize even that you are beaten. Someone may wait another stimulation on their knees completely. You do not have any freedom of decision in front of the society which produces silent violences explosively. A number of extensible options today never preoccupy your freedom. In this respect, it made me smile bitterly.


You, who except the violence from stranger as a romance, however, are not wrong. Because masochism is behavior in which someone gets sexual pleasure from their own pain or suffering, at first. Being moved, unpleasant, exciting and triviality are also not wrong answers. I do not want steal your personal impression at least. This exhibition asks you how dull you are for violence. The question could come from the silent abuse that I mentioned at the beginning.

Oh, my masochist! The text that the box gave you is a trace of kicking, which is black on your white heart. Please bear hug the traces. I wish that my words lead you to a way which could make you run away a bit from abuse and violence from the world.


6th December, 2015



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