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Johannes Hugo Stoll & 추수


장소 특정 VR 시뮬레이션 


음향 Johannes Hugo Stoll


In the Tombstone(2018), the artists let the user of VR glasses experience interactive sculptures placed virtually into the exhibition space-as a site specific art work.


Gazing directly towards these models through VR glasses, visitors will see classical sculptures - gray and stone lookalike objects. As soon as she or he turns away her/his head from the sculptures, the objects switch to a realistic photographic surface which provides clarity of where they root in.

Having used 3D modelling technics for private desires excessively as well as having used private life to practice 3D modelling technics vice versa, the artists bring both together and use the virtual space to conquer and enter the exhibition space e.g.Festung Franzenfeste Bolzano - an old and military fortress, a symbol to mark and maintain borders, or Kunst Akademy Stuttgart, depending on the exhibition spot.


While using the VR glasses, the user at the same time experiences her- or himself in order to act with the technical instrument stimulating her or his senses. A play in between the two modes of exhibition and exhibitionism starts, touching and questioning other confronting pairs such as Private and Public, Reality and Virtual Reality, Presentation and Representation, Cold and Warm, Invisible and Visible, Life and Death, all together merging in the project the Tombstone 

장소 특정형 설치 001

Kunst Akademie Stuttgart, Germany


장소 특정형 설치 002

Festung Franzenfeste Bolzano, Italy


장소 특정형 설치 003

Hansaplatz, Berlin, Germany

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