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The Present Is Online




Homage Performance to The Artist is Present (2010), Marina Abramovic.

The Present is Online, TZUSOO, 2021, 01.jpg
The Present is Online, TZUSOO, 2021, 03.jpg





​퍼포먼스, 비디오 


2016년 박근혜 정부 탄핵시위는 유례없는 대규모 평화적 비폭력 시위로 회자된다.

그러나 광화문에 매주 발길 하며 눈에 밟힌 건 어김없는 여성혐오. 하늘을 뒤덮는 현수막과 발언대의 목소리는 박근혜-최순실의 여성성을 비웃는 데 주저하지 않았다. 시위 후기에서는 수많은 종류의 성추행이 고발된다.

하여 작가는 생수통을 집에서부터 이고 나가 모두와 물을 나눠마셨다. 물은 성스럽다. 생수통은 여남 임금 격차 토론 현장마다 불려 나오는 심볼이기도 하다.

documentation video of the performance The Holy Water Bottle, filmed by Seungmin Lee(1), Johannes Stoll, Ami

The Holy Waterfall




animation, 00:02:45


The Holy Waterfall (2019) criticizes the problem of patriarchy that continues throughout Korean society.

TZUSOO chose the water bottle as her feminist symbol. In Korea, water bottle appears in discussions about

the wage gap between women and men. Many people advocate abnormal wage gaps, claiming that women

are so weak that they cannot even lift a water bottle. For this reason, TZUSOO continues to play with water

bottles in her performance The Holy Waterbottle (2016) and VR simulation The Holy Waterdrops (2019).


The video, which lasts for about 1 minute and 20 seconds, shows a symbolic image in which the giant

water in the shape of a solid pedestal into a small volume of water bottles as if it is turned upside down and


Play For Everyone





filmed by Seung-min Lee(2)

Does a place have more than meeting place?

For communication, TZUSOO communicates with her people on her mobile phones, and the audience communicates with their people as well.

It is a play for everyone.

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