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나는 이곳을 졸업하는 것이 부끄럽다





300 x 400 cm


The project "I'M ASHAMED TO HAVE GRADUATED HERE" serves as my Diplom-Arbeit, a culmination of my academic work, which stands as a protest against the discriminatory tuition fee policy in Baden-Wuerttemberg. A prominent outdoor billboard was erected for one month at a public location adjacent to the Rathaus U-Bahn station in Stuttgart.


Baden-Württemberg has been imposing tuition fees on students from non-EU countries since 2017, making it the sole state in Germany to do so. These fees amount to 1,500 euros per semester.


My journey commenced here, at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, precisely in 2017, coinciding with the introduction of this policy. My inaugural exhibition at the institution took the form of a protest against this very system. In 2017, when this law was enacted, I paid 1,500 euros for my first semester's tuition. Through the project "100 sales = €1,500 tuition(2017)," I voiced my dissent by selling t-shirts and tote bags adorned with my artwork for 15 euros each. One hundred individuals who shared my opposition to this law and supported my pursuit of artistic education made these purchases.


Two months later, I received a letter exempting me from all tuition fees. This was because I had previously been enrolled as an exchange student, and the status of being an exempt student was complex. I was thus relieved of tuition fees for a duration of five years.


Five years have elapsed, and this policy remains in place, persistently silent and unyielding.


Silence paves the way for discrimination. I hold a deep affection for the spirit of academia, which is why I raise my voice in shame and sorrow, highlighting the ongoing unequal treatment of non-EU students in this institution.


"100 sales = €1,500 tuition" was my inaugural project at this institution that opened doors, and now, with "I'M ASHAMED TO HAVE GRADUATED HERE," it marks a closure—an expression of my feelings and a poignant commentary on the state of affairs.



Aimy, the primary avatar within my artistic realm, symbolized my era of artistic study in Germany and drew inspiration from the format of online meme culture.


100개의 판매 = 1,500 유로의 등록금




100개의 티셔츠와 에코백, 퍼포먼스, 스폰서들의 사인이 담긴 2장의 A4용지

모델 / Vita Mikju, Dongju Lee, Hwayoung Park

100 Sales=1,500 Euro Tuion Fee, 2017, TZUSOO 03.png

2017년 겨울학기부터 독일 바덴뷔르템베르크에 속한 모든 대학에서 "비유럽연합 국가 출신 외국 학생에게만" 학기당 2백만 원에 가까운 등록금을 징수한다.

 이 근거없는 조치에 작가는 강력히 반대하며 작업 딥키스 월드(2017)의 매춘 이미지의 연장으로 재-매춘을 시도한다. 예술을 싸게 팔아 다시 예술을 공부함을 가시화한 시위이다.




* Prostitution

1. The practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.

2. The unworthy or corrupt use of one's talents for personal or financial gain.


The images of Deep Kiss World, which are spread, make a tiny space in the long and brutally fixed sexual objectification.


100명의 구매자는 스폰서로 명명된다. 스폰서들은 티셔츠와 에코백을 구매함으로써, 추수의 예술 공부의 연장과 해당 법안 철폐를 지지하게 된다.

100 Sales=1,500 Euro Tuion Fee, 2017, TZUSOO 04.png
100 Sales=1,500 Euro Tuion Fee, 2017, TZUSOO 02.png
100 Sales=1,500 Euro Tuion Fee, 2017, TZUSOO 01.png

딥키스 월드




수백장의 찌라시 (카드 85 x 55 mm, 스티커 85 x 85 mm), 퍼포먼스 


딥키스 월드(2017)는 동아시아의 거리에서 매일 마주치는 여성 매춘부의 광고를 떠올리게 한다. 문구와 로고, 전반적 디자인은 흔한 밤거리의 찌라시로부터 인용되었지만, 이미지는 세기를 거쳐 고착 되었던 성적 대상화의 여성/헤테로섹슈얼성을 비튼다.

더하여 딥키스 월드(2017)가 아시아를 벗어난 타 문화의 거리에 놓일때, 매춘 시장에서 큰 파트를 차지하는 인종과 소아성애의 맥락과도 혼성된다.




Rebecca Ogle, Ivan Syrob, Friedrich Hensen, 추수


설치, 퍼포먼스, 물이 든 병들


Working with other students at the academy led us to the point of installing a place where we could talk and discuss about the art business, the Kunstakademie Stuttgart, their teaching and teachers. The change in the metaphor THINKTANK became a SINK TANK(2017) in terms of a critical view of the art world. On the meadow of the sculpture we installed an obliquely sinking tank in the ground, which was used white painted as a symbol between White Cube and Thinktank as a discussion forum and meeting place for all.


water bottles filled with water from the discussion pool

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